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Classification 25/30

Let’s have a look at an example of an external cause of death.

A 84-year old male slipped on same level at home and fell down, resulting in fractures of the left ischium and ilium.  He was admitted to hospital for reduction of the fractures. He remained in hospital confined to his bed.  Two weeks later he developed a hypostatic pneumonia as a result of immobility and died 6 days later despite antibiotic treatment and physiotherapy.  The immediate cause of death was hypostatic pneumonia due to immobility.  The immobility was due to the pelvic fractures which was the intermediate or antecedent cause of death.  The underlying cause of death was the accidental fall.

The manner of death was accidental

The circumstances of the death (underlying cause of death), was a fall

Place of occurrence was at home

The nature of the injury was a pelvic fracture.