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Sequence of events leading to death (causal sequence) 8/14

Let us look at an example to explain the causal sequence – or chain  of events leading to death.

A 50-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital vomiting blood and was diagnosed as having bleeding oesophageal varices. Investigation revealed portal hypertension. The woman had a history of Hepatitis B infection. Three days later, she died.

•In this case Hepatis B was the underlying cause of death.
•The liver cirrhosis developed as a consequence of the Hepatitis B
•And the portal hypertension developed due to the liver cirrhosis
•The immediate cause of death was the bleeding oesophageal varices, which was a consequence of the portal hypertension.
Hepatitis B was the underlying cause of death. Knowing this, the public health response is to implement immunisation programmes against Hepatitis B virus to prevent such deaths in future.