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Infectious and parasitic conditions 12/18

In this next case scenario a 10-month-old child presented with a history of fever for 3 days. On examination the child was malnourished, with a distended abdomen and loss of muscle mass and with neck stiffness. A lumbar puncture led to the diagnosis of Haemophilus Influenza meningitis and IV antibiotics were started. After a day in hospital the child became tachypnoeic with bilateral crepitations in the lungs. He dies a few hours later.

•Bronchopneumonia is the immediate cause of death on line a of Part 1.

•Haemophilus influenza meningitis is the underlying cause of the pneumonia, so it is reported on the lowest used line of Part 1.

•In this case malnutrition is a contributing factor, so it is reported in Part 2.