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Maternal Death 11/30

Let’s have a look at another case scenario of a maternal death:

A woman, infected with HIV, has a spontaneous abortion at around 10 pm. The next morning, she develops a fever and tachycardia.  Antibiotics are started, but later that afternoon she becomes hypotensive due to septic shock. She goes into renal failure during the night. Despite aggressive treatment, she dies the next morning.

•The immediate cause of death in this patient is renal failure reported on line A of Part 1.

•Septic miscarriage caused the septic shock that resulted in renal failure. Septic miscarriage is the underlying cause of death,  so it is reported on the lowest used line of Part 1.

•HIV would have contributed to the death but is not part of the causal sequence in part 1. Thus, it is reported in Part 2.

•She died within 42 days of being pregnant, so tick yes for the question on pregnancy.